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What Does it Takes

What Does it Takes

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Is there still, a thing called love,
Left in your cold heart
The kind of love,you gave me before,
Somewhere along lives on
Your heart turn bitter and cold,
And all the love frozen Chorus  What does it take to melt the ice,
That frozen your heart
Lord knows I've tried, everything I can,
I tried to give you warm True love came,offer you more
After all I'm just a mortal man I don't have, a magic wand
Waving free your love
No magic knows couldn't warm your cold
Cold your heart
What happened now I don't know
What make live us apart Chorus repeat There was a time when I believe,
To open heaven's door,
But now you were gone,
But I can't understand what cheat your
love and froze your heart

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Artist: Roy Sturn | Album: White Hot Sun | Song: What Does it Takes