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I'll tall you the story how I lost my mind
When I use to call on this country bar
I just wanted to make a fun with old friends
And I sea her like in dream, flying around like a working bee
She looked so smart and nice with her angel face
Hey you girl don't still my heart,
That's what I told her when she came to the bar
And she smiled on me it seems she said yeah, I'm agree
So I turned with a dancing walk
Cuz I was sure she liked me so
But some heavy arm met my head


Waitress from Jane's diners club
Waitress, but you don't turn around
Take my hand, I know some nice secret place
And I'll show you how much I love you...

The people thought that I'm too much drunk
The bodyguards  were trying to take me up
But I falled again on the ground

Now I told you my real funny story
Bout the waitress from Jane's diner
Where the all strong men protected her like evil dogs
But now she's my real wife
Cuz I was sure she love me so
Now her heavy arm keep me at home

Chorus repeat

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Artist: Roy Sturn | Album: Catch the Bull's Horn | Song: Waitress