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Table for Two

Table for Two

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I had to say, I was sorry
But I can not see you cry
Your tear drops always drawn me
And I'll never figured why
Even though you treat me coldly
And sometimes with disdained
 I wanna tell you my sweetheart
Just never felt this pain Chorus We went out tonite my love
To that table for two
With the candle light and violins
We had some talking to do
We pledge to start things over
Just like they were before
Now we're going  to set out even
And forget counting score You were my best friend lady
And I was good for you
And that's how things will be ones more and no more cryin no more
My open arms await you empty
They lock and hold you tide
But even to the temptation
This love goes tonight Chorus repeat Bridge We have to came smiling
And make brand new start
Hu hu hu
I singin from the heart Chorus repeat

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Artist: Roy Sturn | Album: White Hot Sun | Song: Table for Two