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Strong and Wild

Strong and Wild

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Do you remember honey,
The young lonesome cowboy
Working on the farm everyday
He was riding horses, he ain't got no money
He couldn't go enywhere, Your were daddy's girl his favorite little daughter
Concerned about you all the time
But there's another man
Even your daddy, who wanted you strong and wild,


When you said daddy loves you
That's not the same, just like I do
When I said to you oh how much I need you,
Uuu strong and wild Day by day passed the same lonesome cowboy,
He's got closer to you
It don't matter which way he was going
Thinking about you everyday Oh can't you see the rider running through the desert
He never know what is name
Hey you lonesome cowboy, tell me the story
Bout  your love strong and wild,

Chorus, repeat

You will find me, down by the river
Hold my hand, and I will lead you there

Chorus repeat

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Artist: Roy Sturn | Album: White Hot Sun | Song: Strong & Wild