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Story of Its Own

Story of Its Own

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As I seat in the stillness, thinking about your gentle heart,
Mine reaching out of yours in a distance we are apart
All my love over well my soul, I feel worm to the touch
I guess I'll never realized missing you could hurt this much Chorus
Meeting you was unexpected,  laughing with you so much joy
Dancing with you, life's pleasure
Walking and talking with you I've grown
Loving you, loving  you
Is a story of its own Can my story have a happy ending, will you one day lay in my arms
Could we make love to the day brake,could I escape without harm
Doesnt  love like mine come so easy ,my heart falled at last came home,
Or there be a price to pay for love,
Loving you is a story of its own Chorus repeat

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Artist: Roy Sturn | Album: White Hot Sun | Song: Story of Its Own