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She Needs Somebody to Hold Her

She Needs Somebody to Hold Her

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She needs she needs somebody to hold her
That night she's feeling blue
And the torn letters on her bed
Fulled with loving words,
She's been alone for a long time
Watching full moon in the night
Waiting for the perfect man
Perfect man on her heart


She needs, somebody to hold her when she's blue
I know, I cant, waiting too long
She look at me with her sad eyes
May be she's been cried
She needs somebody to hold her

I stood on front door with silent
In the middle of nowhere way,
But she spoke on a phone with another
Pretending she don't see my face
Would you be my girl is whispered
I will be your man that night
We'll be a heroes from story
Flying high trough the clouds

Chorus repeat


Even she knows that I love her so strong
May be someday I'll burst like a bomb
In a million pieces in the air

Chorus repeat

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Artist: Roy Sturn | Album: Catch the Bull's Horn | Song: She Needs Somebody to Hold Her