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Nl Breeze

Nl Breeze

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When I turn my head,
I take a look back
All sweet memories I'll keep in my heart
Flat green fields and windy mils
I see
Blue clear eyes,now look at me
As they says can I believe in you
Stranger boy come from distant land
That's me


Why that Rio flows from the ocean back?
Why that north wind blows and it brings my sadness?
Can I wipe your eyes from the bitter tears
I wanna know
Why that Rio flows from the ocean back?

I fall in love,with a pretty Dutch woman
With golden hair and smile like an angel
I still remember her whisper love words
Hey Netherland breeze, why don't you take me back
To the place I use to call my kind of paradise
But still I'm wondering why

Chorus repeat


Oh how I wish,
To turn back here,
I'll be there when you don't expect me
I'm falling down, on my knees,
Can't you here me Lord
My pray

Chorus repeat 

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Artist: Roy Sturn | Album: Tear River | Song: Nl Breeze