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My Last Beer in Mexico

My Last Beer in Mexico

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I remember my last beer in a bar in Mexico
I've been traveling so far from my home and my close friends
And I met that girl in that bar, and my mind was completely blown
How could I forget, my last beer in Mexico We were dancing alone we were talking a lot
We were kissing so strong,
I spent the night with her and I was the luckiest man in all the world
On the next morn  she was gone, with my money
My boots and my soul
How could I forget,  my last beer in Mexico Chorus  She broke my heart,  
And she left me alone
Somewhere on the dusty Mexican roads
I'm still cursing her name
And I said to my self, was she a dream
I remember my last beer, in Mexico

Chorus repeat

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Artist: Roy Sturn | Album: White Hot Sun | Song: My Last Beer in Mexico