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Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift

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She came to me, like a Christmas gift
White a rose breath,with the charm of Lord
Her eyes were like a two clear mountain ponds
So she said,that she need me, so much
And I can't live without her
I start believe her like blind fool
For days on and I tried to make her,
Care free, can live in every
24 hours on time we were togather
My heart was Fulled with love
All around me stopped and moved on
Cuz I turned to blind fool


She was like a Christmas gift who shining from the sky stars
She was like a nice dream from romantic night
She's telling me the words I love you and I don't know where she's gone
And I'll keep in my heart that Christmas gift

Many times gone and I met her again
So sad, down on the street,
Where you've been are you still love me I asked her
You don't know how much I suffered
Bout you, night and day,
She answered in was pregnant from you

Chorus repeat

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Artist: Roy Sturn | Album: Catch the Bull's Horn | Song: Christmas Gift