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Blond Girls

Blond Girls

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When I gaze in your eyes darling
I see your jealously,
And you blame me, that I'm back too late
Yes I'm angry on you, I'm mad cause its true
Every night you share the bed with some blond girl


Yes I like to much the blond girls
Don't you see me I'm blond too
Now I know all my heart belongs to
What you say boy it's both true
There are many blond girls on the world
But there're not nice like me
Cuz I'm your really lover through the years

Unfaithfulness is a sweet thing
It seems to me like dream
I do that blond fun, but you don't know
You thing so that I'm in fog,
About your dirty deals
Every night you share your bed with some blond girl

Chorus repeat

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Artist: Roy Sturn | Album: Catch the Bull's Horn | Song: Blond Girls